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Zottegem is known for count Egmont. The castle of Egmont, the crypt where he was buried and the Egmontroom in the town hall remind us of this unfortunate count who was beheaded in the 16th century. 

The castle of Leeuwergem with its beautiful castle pond and exquisite garden is definitely worth a visit as well. 

In Velzeke, you can immerse yourself in the history of the region.

The Archeocenter is the ideal base for those who would like to learn more about how things went here in Flanders in the Prehistory, the Gallo-Roman times and the early Middle Ages.  There is both a permanent and temporary exhibition (landschap.doorgrond till December, 2021) on display.



Oudenaarde is about a 25-minute drive from the holiday home and is definitely worth a visit.  

Visit the beautiful town hall and the Belfry, the MOU with the famous tapestries of Oudenaarde or the centre Tour of Flanders. The charming little beguinage of Oudenaarde is also worth a stroll, as well as the Saint-Walburgachurch and the Church of our Lady.

Stadhuis en Belfort Oudenaarde


Also Ename, a district of Oudenaarde, has a lot to offer. In the Archeopark you will find the remains of a Benedictine abbey  from the 12th century. About this site, and much more, you'll find out everything you need to know in the Provincial Archeological Museum. This museum is located in the shadow of Saint-Lawrence church, which you can also visit for sure. 

Discover House Beaucarne, an 18th century house that is still handed over from generation to generation. The owners show you around in their house with authentic interiors and many collections . You can also enjoy an afternoon-tea in the 18th century lounge. Be sure to check the opening hours in advance.  




About a 20-minute drive away from the holiday home is the city of Geraardsbergen. This city claims to be in the possession of the oldest Manneke Pis in Belgium. In the Permanensje, the regional visitor center, you can admire this little guy in dozens of different outfits.  Be sure to try the local delicacy, the Mattentaart. The town hall and the Saint-Bartholomeus church are also worth a look. 



Ronse is just a half an hour's drive from Zottegem. This municipality has been the proud owner of a basilisk since 2019.  The Saint-Hermes Basilisk was founded in honour of Saint Hermes, the patron Saint of the mentally ill.  Be sure to visit the Saint Hermes crypt. 

Ronse used to be an important textile city in the 19th century. Many renovated factory buildings and the Must (museum of textile) are remnants of this, as well as numerous Art Déco residences.



The region owes its name to the river that flows here, the Zwalm. This side branch of the Schelde, winds its way through the beautiful green landscape. Very typical are the many water mills that are driven by the flowing water of the Zwalm. Enjoy a snack or drink during a walk or bike ride in the Zwalmvallei, in one of the many cosy bars and restaurants, often in or nearby a water mill. 

As you can see, the area surrounding the holiday home has a lot to offer. Owners Danny and Hilde will gladly help you with tips on the highlights. What's more: Danny is a qualified guide for the Flemish Ardennes and is happy to show you around in his region. 

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